Specialist Security Services

Calibre Facility Services Ltd offers an advance range of security options regardless of your needs. Our knowledge of the industry understands the importance of finding what will be the most effective to suit you.
We understand that specialist security is a required necessity for businesses and individuals. The World is continuously becoming a volatile place, with more and more people becoming increasingly security conscious, they begin sourcing security services for their business and personal protection. This reduces stress from potential threats of forced entry, criminal damage, burglary and in certain cases verbal and physical abuse. We also understand that every person and situation requires different security measures and systems to prevent such threats.
When it comes to specialist security, a professional yet personal approach must be taken. We provide a tailored service to suit individuals and find the right security measure to suit you, your lifestyle or your business needs. Whether it is residential or a personal officer to join you at an event, our officers are widely experienced in working with a broad spectrum of people and families from many different cultures and countries around the globe.
Many of our officers have backgrounds from the Police and Armed Forces coming from many different units, as individuals they have different roles, collectively as a team they have a huge amount of knowledge and professional experience which contributes to the primary task of this service, your protection. They continuously train and work together as a team to develop their skills and operating procedures, providing you with the best security service possible.
Our professional specialist security team is experienced in working with many different individuals and their families who have active and demanding lifestyles. With their backgrounds and experience they can help with your general day-to-day activities.
Please do not hesitate to contact our team so we can assist you further with your enquiries.

Specialist Search Dog Teams

Our Drugs and Explosives Search Dog Handlers have undertaken intensive and prolonged training to achieve standards equivalent to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) assessment criteria in respect of both drugs and explosives search dog teams. All search dog teams are subject to independent assessment and they receive continuation training in excess of that demanded by ACPO for equivalently qualified police dog handlers

Narcotic Search Dog Teams

Drugs search handlers operate dogs for both pro-active and passive scanning operations. Working alongside a warranted Police Officer these dog teams are able to undertake searches conducted in conjunction with the execution of warrants issued under the misuse of drugs act and other legislative authorities to conduct searches plus passive scanning operations.

In the private sector they may be deployed at any location where the unlawful use or supply of narcotics is suspected, including licensed premises, staff locker rooms, recreational areas and entrance turnstiles at entertainment venues, factories, offices, schools, colleges and hostels.

Explosive Search Dog Teams

The threat of terrorist activity coupled with the use of improvised explosive devices is forever present. Explosives Search Dog Teams provide Police Search Advisors (POLSA) with a search team capability in respect of all defensive search operations. In the private sector these teams can be utilised to conduct searches on routes, open terrain, buildings and vehicles at entertainment venues, shopping centres, ports and corporate venues either as an on-going contract or during identified periods of heightened threat level.
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