Property Inspection Services

A full time security service on a property may not always be necessary. Calibre Facility Services offer an effective alternative solution to assist in lowering the risk and the cost on any properties. Our mobile patrol service can visit premises as requested by the client, multiple times a day if necessary. Our officers check that all protective measures put in place are functioning correctly, that all utility services such Gas, Electric and Water are switched off or functioning safely with no leaks or hazardous faults, Officers also check that in certain cases particularly vacant property has not fallen victim to criminal damage or squatters.
On each property inspection, our officers will complete the relative documents that can formally address any concerns that must be brought to our clients immediate attention. For many clients carrying out these inspections is a necessity to comply with your insurance, therefore we can tailor the inspections to meet and exceed our clients needs we take into account the insurance requirements, your requirements and the recommendations from our initial risk assessment.
Following the insurance requirements of the UK’s largest underwriters, our property inspections are protecting multiple investments nationwide.
Vacant property inspection makes it easy for property owners to comply with the extensive list of mandatory requirements stipulated by insurance companies.
This Includes:
-Securing the property against criminal damage and trespass.
-Changing all locks.
-Replacing or boarding up all broken windows.
-Sealing letterboxes reducing the risk of fire.
-Removing all internal and external combustible waste materials.
-Shutting off the utilities supply.
These inspections utilized by our licensed officers also provide and maintain an on-going visible presence at your property significantly reducing the common problems suffered by vacant properties. Every property inspection involves a comprehensive site inspection. This includes the perimeter, external buildings, internal buildings and services. 

Physical Security Services

Unfortunately, Vacant Property is highly vulnerable to criminal damage, illegal entry, squatters and arson attacks, all of which present a risk and threat to your property and investment. Our boarding up service is there to respond 24 hours a day to prevent any criminal damage, unwanted disruption and further costs.
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